Degree Audit Student Guide

The Student Degree Audit has been upgraded to a new version (5.0.3), and with it comes new features for students to view their academic progress. This new version brings a mobile friendly student dashboard with a fresh and clean look. This guide will highlight the important areas for students with a comparison of where they were found in the old version of the Degree Audit in conjunction with this new version.

Degree Audit Tools

Some commonly used tools have been relocated to the top right of the Degree Audit:

  • Print your Degree Audit by clicking the printer icon.
  • View your Advisor's contact email address by clicking the envelope icon.
  • Use the GPA Calculator by clicking the ellipses and selecting GPA Calculator from the drop down menu
  • View your Class History by clicking ellipses and selecting Class History from the drop down menu

Student Header

The student header just like in the old version provides useful information at the top of the audit for viewing. Below is an example image of a test student's audit header in both the old and new versions:

Old Student Header:

Image of the Student Header for the Old (4.1.1) Degree Audit.

New Student Header:

Image of the Student Header for the New (5.0.3) Degree Audit.

This new Student Header will display a list of all your advisors with a tag (Primary) marking your primary advisor. This header also lists both Undergraduate and Graduate GPAs and Hours. It will tag each entry with (UG) for Undergraduate or (GR) for Graduate.

Note: If you are only an Undergraduate, or only a Graduate with no prior degree at NSU, then you will only have a (UG) or (GR) GPA and Hours listed.

Degree Progress Bar

The Degree Progress Bar is now a Progress Wheel and can be found right below the Student Header in the Academic Audit:

Old Version:

Image of the old (4.1.1) version Degree Audit Progress Bar

New Version:

Image of the new (5.0.3) version Degree Audit Progress Wheel

Degree Audit

The Degree Audit appearance has changed from our previous version. The audit is now divided into multiple sections to provide better organization and with the ability to collapse sections for quick navigation through to what you are looking for. This new Audit also comes with an updated Legend (which can be found at the bottom of the page) of icons that look slightly different from what they were:

Image of the Legend of the new (5.0.3) degre audit. There is a green checkmark for Complete, a red circle for not complete, a blue half-filled circle for complete except for classes in-progress, a orange circle with an exclamation point for nearly complete - see advisor, a blue clipboard with a checkmark for prerequisite, and an @ (at symbol) for any course number.

The Degree Requirements section that lists out the requirements needed to finish your degree can be found right below the Degree progress section in the same Academic page. It is formatted much like the old version with a list of check boxes that state whether or not you have fulfilled that requirement. Here are some images of how this section used to look in our past version and how it looks in the new version:

  Old version: