Grade History Report

Grade History Reports in Blackboard

If you have a student drop your course after the course has started the student will disappear from the gradebook. If you need to access grade information for these students you will need to download and view the Grade History Report from Blackboard. This report will allow you to view every assignment submission for every student in your class, even the ones who dropped.

Below you will find detailed instructions and screenshots to help you through the process of downloading the report, and filtering the results to the student you need.


Steps to Download the Grade History Report

1) Log in to Blackboard

2) Navigate to your course

3) Click on Full Grade Center

4) Mouse over Reports at the top of the page and select View Grade History

Select View Grade History Example Image

5) In the upper right hand corner on the new page change the dropdown box from 14 Days to All

Grade History Time-frame Example image

6) Click Go

7) Click Download in the upper left of the screen

Download button location image

8) For Delimiter Type: select Comma

  • To Include Comments: select Yes

Options example image

9) Click Submit

10) On the next page click Download


Steps to Filter Grade History Report in Excel

Once you have downloaded the Grade History Report (See above Section). You can use this to see all assignments / attempts for all students (Including dropped students)

1) Open the Grade History Report in Mircrosoft Excel

2) Select the column labeled User by clicking on the column header (A, B C, etc.)

3) In the Ribbon menu at the top of the screen click Sort & Filter and then click Filter in the dropdown menu that appears


This will enable filtering on the column you have selected

4) Click the drop down arrow in the top cell of your filtered column

5) In the checkbox list, select the student you wish to view

Filtered column selection Example image


Selecting this student and clicking OK will allow you to see every submission and point value for the student. The point value for each assignment is located in the Value column.

You can also see the date of the submission in the Attempt Submitted column. This can be used to determine if the student was an active participant before they dropped the class.


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