Access NSU-Wireless

How to Access NSU-Wireless

Select NSU-Wireless from your device's Wi-Fi settings.

You should then see a pop up that states the network requires a sign in and be directed to the following page.

If you are a NSU Student or Employee select "Username/password login" for unrestricted Internet access, otherwise select Guest signup.

If you selected "Username/password login" you should see the following, and just need to enter your NSU Credentials.

If you selected Guest signup, you will need to enter an email address that you have access to on your device. You will need to click the link in the email that will be sent to the address you supplied, or copy and paste it into your browsers address bar for the access to remain after 10 minutes.

Note: Guest WiFi blocks streaming sites and adult content. This is to provide ample bandwidth to our students and employees. Guest WiFi is offered as a courtesy for visitors to access their email and the web.

After you sign in you will be directed to accept our Acceptable Computer and Network Use Policy.

After you have accepted you should see the following.

If your device does not have Internet access after this page, try disconnecting from the network and reconnecting to force your device to reconnect.



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