Dorm Appointment Policy

Policy for students during dorm appointments

  1. Masks will be required for everyone in the room. Social distancing will also be required for the safety of STC's and students. 
  2. We will verbally instruct users through troubleshooting when present. The only thing we will have to touch is the Internet port.
  3. STC's will bring hand sanitizer to use on their hands if they do have to touch anything in the users room.
  4. Students must reply to the email that they agree with this policy before we have an STC physically attend a dorm appointment. 

Alternate option (If the issue is not with the port)

  • We can set up a zoom meeting for troubleshooting.
  • User can call the Service Desk for further troubleshooting. 


*The NSU IT Service Desk reserves the right to decline services if these policies are not followed. If you have to make an exception to any of these rules the Service Desk will need to be notified before the dorm appointment.


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