New Bank Code in Banner - FABCHKP Update process

In Banner, whenever a new bank code is added (using the Bank Code Maintenance page GXRBANK), IT has to be contacted in order to have the code running the FABCHKP process updated by Evisions in order to work with Evisions' Intellicheck. Until this is done, Accounts Payable will not be able to use this bank code to pay invoices.

As outlined in Evisions KBA 000001171 (link below), responses to the following questions must be sent to Evisions in order for them to update FABCHKP and, if required, give instructions on how to modify the Intellicheck set up to print checks using the new bank code:

  1. New Bank Code or screenprint of the Banner GXRBANK
  2. Title associated with bank code that will print on the top of the check stub
  3. Account Number(s) associated with the new bank code(s)
  4. If the account is for a new bank, provide the MICR and Positive Pay Specs
  5. Name of signature(s) to appear on the check. If it is a new check signer, provide the digital signature (.jpg, .tif or .bmp format at 300 dpi)
  6. Specify if you want Signature levels setup (a specific dollar amount over which one or more manual signatures is required)
  7. Provide a recent fabchkp .log file from your production environment
  8. If the new bank code will also be used for Direct Deposit advices, provide a recent fardird .log file from your production environment.


  • A new bank code is added
  • AP is notified and the IT Service Desk is emailed 
  • The Service Desk should route the ticket to the Systems Admins because a case will have to be opened with Evisions
  • The MAPS Admin should gather the answers and open an Evisions case on their support site (
  • Evisions will send a new copy of FABCHKP with instructions for Intellicheck
  • The ticket should be passed to a DBA to test and deploy the new FABCHKP (pc file copied to the jobsub machine and recompiled then linked to banner links)

Please note:

If FABCHKP is updated through a banner upgrade then the new pc file will need to be sent to evisions in order to be modified.

Evisions KBA #000001171 ​​​​​​, 'IntelleCheck: New Bank Code(s) for Accounts Payable Checks'


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