IOS 14 Refreshing MAC Update

IOS 14 Refreshing MAC Update 

The IOS 14 update contains a feature that will change a user's MAC address every 24 hours. User's on campus with this newest update may have issues connecting to our NSU_Wireless network since MAC addresses must be registered. The private address setting must be turned off. 

  1. Once the setting app has been opened, navigate to the WIFI setting. 

  2. Click on the network you are trying to connect to. 

  3. Slide the bubble into the "off" position for the "private address" feature, while leaving the bubble for the "auto-join" feature in the "on" position. 

    a. If the user is still experiencing issues with the network they are trying to connect to, try turning the "auto-join" feature off then back on again. 
    b. If they are still experiencing issues, try having the user restart their phone. 



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Fri 10/2/20 9:13 AM
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