Using Wipedrive

Using Wipedrive

Note: This software (provided by WhiteCanyon) is used to fully wipe a computer's storage drive and provides a data destruction certificate.This should only be used by full time technician and with permission from the CS Director/Asst. Director. 

Place a USB with the Wipedrive software loaded on it (Should have several sets located in the third floor tech closet).

Turn the computer on and press F12 until it boots to the BIOS, then select the correct flash drive to boot to (Typically name something like UEFI: IS817 innostar). 

BIOS screen showing the appropriate USB boot option

The flash drive will go through a few processes and you will eventually be met with the Activation Screen. This screen is where you will input the licensing code for activation. Be sure to select the Use Cloud option.

Cloud activation screen where you will input the activation code

Find the activation code on the shared drive in the following path. Client Services -> Technicians -> WhiteCanyon. Enter the code and you will be met with a status screen that shows all available drives to wipe. You will also see remaining number of licenses in the bottom right of the screen. 

Make sure the appropriate drive is showing (This should almost always only be the single internal drive) and click on the options button on the top right of the screen. 

You will now be met with the options screen where we will need to adjust a few settings before starting the wipe. The first screen you will see by default is wiping. Under the wipe pattern drop down, select the Department of Defense 5220.22-M - 7 Pass option. 

Wipe screen with wipe pattern drop down options

Next you will click on Log Types and Destinations and check mark the following options.

  • Pdf File
  • Include Hardware Details
  • Save log files to -> Removable Drive
  • Tag filename (Always put the PC service tag here)

Log type options with PDF file checkedLog Options section with several options checked


Once you have these options checked, press Accept Settings. You will be taken back to the Select Drives screen where you can now simply press Next to start the wipe. You will be met with a point of no return screen. At this point, be absolutely sure that all of your options are correct and that this machine is the correct one to be wiped. 

Now you will let the wipe run for about 9 - 11 hours depending on the machine (Hours based on HD only). Once the wipe is done, you will see a success screen with green coloring. Remove the flash drive and power down the machine. Place the machine in the appropriate area and retrieve the PDF file from logs folder on the flashdrive. Place a copy of this file in the Client Services -> Technicians -> WhiteCanyon -> and place in appropriate folder. 

Note: If you are wiping Optometry computers, please also send a copy of the Pdf file to Tom Tinnell or other applicable Opt tech for their records. 


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