Software Description

Argos is an Enterprise Reporting Solution provided by Evisions. Argos provides quick access to data you need within NSU.


Access Argos by navigating to and logging in with your NSU Username and Password. Your access to Argos must be requested by your department.

New Employees: Argos access is typically granted at the time your Action Form is processed. If your access to Argos was not granted at this time, you can submit a ticket to gain access.


Access How to log into Argos

Report Viewers: If you are a report viewer navigate to Navigate to Once  you log in select Argos Web Viewer to launch Argos in the Web Browser.

Report Writers & Datablock Designers: If you are a Report Writer and have access to write new Reports. Navigate to Once  you log in select  Argos. If you get a pop up that claims the Evisions Launcher is out of date select the option to run anyway.

**Note: If you are unsure if you are a Report Viewer or Report Writer you are most likely a Report Viewer.

Datablock and Reports

What is a datablock? A collection of data in a reporting dashboard for you to review and utilize to perform daily work duties.

Datablocks and Reports pull data from other systems like Banner, ODS, and Automic / UC4 to provide information you need. 

Please report any error messages and issues with Datablocks and Reports by submitting a ticket.

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