Encrypting Documents: Canon scanning and sending

*Only PDF files can be encrypted. *

Performing Encryption on Cannon Printers

Setting a password when scanning an original enables PDF files to be encrypted for sending/saving. This helps reduce the risk of files being viewed or edited by others.

1. Place the original Document/Work you are wanting to scan

2. Press "Scan and Send"

3. Specify the destination on the Scan Basic Features screen

4. Press the settings button to select file format. (PDF Compact)

5. Press "PDF > Encrypt"


          To perform encryption, it is necessary to disable "Format to PDF/A"

          You cannot set the Encrypted PDF mode when "Auto (OCR)" is set for "File Name"

          This mode can only be used only if an e-mail address or file server is specified as the destination

6. Set the password and press "OK" (you may need to select the box next to the password selection)

7. Press "Start"


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