Banner Patching Cadence

Banner Release Cadence

Calendar Year 2023


Northeastern State University's (NSU) standard is to maintain the enterprise applications at release levels that provide needed functionality, sustainability, and are supported by Ellucian.  Information Technology Services (ITS) applies upgrades and patches in a timely manner as they are released as part of Ellucian’s Banner Release Cadence and are verified by the Data Stewards to be reliable through testing.  Data Stewards can submit an emergency/exception patching request outside the normal release cadence through a ticket.

Data Steward(s) Responsibility: Must be familiar with the modifications outlined in the released guides or notes. They should carefully review each of the documents supplied by Ellucian and determine what impact the upgrades or patches have on their business processes.

Data Stewards: Executive Director Institutional Effectiveness or Assistant Director Institutional Effectiveness (Student), Coordinator Information and Events Development  (Alumni), Manager Information Systems Business Affairs (Finance), Director Student Financial Services (Financial Aid), and Director Budgets & Accounting (HR/Payroll).

The Banner Release Cadence is reviewed and approved by the Banner Banner Operations Committee.


NSU Banner Release Cadence *Pending Approval by BOC


Ellucian 2020*

Development (DEV)

Pre-Production (PPRD)

Production (PROD)


March 16, 2023

March 30, 2023

April 16, 2023

April 30, 2023


June 15, 2023

June 29, 2023

July 9, 2023

July 23, 2023


September 21, 2023

October 5, 2023

October 15, 2023

October 29, 2023

*Banner Release Cadence

Release Types:

      Feature Release (FR):  Includes major enhancements and defect corrections

      Maintenance Release (MR): Limited to defect corrections and non-invasive enhancements

      Regulatory Release: Released as needed based on regulatory constraints

      Ad-Hoc Release:  Released as needed for critical issue resolution

Availability: When PPRD is patched it will be down for two business days, day of the patch, and prior day for cloning.  For example, PPRD patch on October 15 will mean it will be down October 14 and October 15. 

Date Changes:

      Dates are subject to change based on Ellucian’s release date.

      Release Pattern:

      DEV will be approximately two weeks after Ellucian releases patches.

      PPRD will be approximately two weeks after the release is applied to DEV.

      PROD will be approximately three weeks after release is applied to PPRD.

Ad-hoc or Regulatory releases after DEV patching will be part of the next release unless Data Steward submits a ticket for an emergency/exceptions patch release.

 NSU Banner Instances

Banner Instance


Development (DEV)

Used for ITS development and testing.

Pre-Production (PPRD)

Used for user acceptance testing (UAT)  for patching and upgrades of Banner.  Also, used for process testing.

Production (PROD)

The live system used to conduct university business.


 Release Process

 Pre-Production Release




Two weeks before.

Reminder email sent to BOC with a list of planned patches.


Four business days before.

Reviews the upgrade or patch information and submits a ticket to ITS if the patches need to be held for next release schedule.

Data Steward(s)

Day of release.

Pre-Production environment patched and BOC notified.


 Production Release

Three weeks before.

Execute a test plan by testing normal processes, reports, and any new functionality that is implemented in the upgrade or patch.

Departmental users of each module

No later than five days before.

Any problems found during testing are investigated and corrected by either the departmental users if the issues can be addressed through Banner forms, otherwise, a ticket needs to be submitted to ITS and Ellucian for technical problems.

Departmental users, Data Steward(s) and ITS

Five days before.

Notify ITS through a ticket if there are any issues that need to delay the release.

Data Steward(s)

Three days before.

Notify the BOC of any request to delay a release.


Day of release.

Production environment patched and BOC notified.


NSU CLEAN_Address Updates

Pre-Production Banner will be updated on the first Tuesday of the month, and the Production Banner will be updated the first Thursday of the month. 

NSU Banner Cloning

BOC is still reviewing clone dates and will clone as needed through approval process until recurring dates are 



Approved by Banner Operations Committee on January 11, 2023


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