Google Link Sharing Security Update

Google Link Sharing Security Update

Google will be applying a security update to certain folders and files. 

  • This will only be applied to folders/files uploaded to Google Drive from November 2017 and before. 
  • This will also apply to non-native Google documents (Word Doc, PDF, etc..)

Please note that for every folder/file of yours in the list, the link will be updated as part of this security update. This means the link will change. 

What is the change?

If you shared a file by changing the link sharing on the file from restricted to either anyone at NSU or anyone on the web, people who may have viewed the file in the past will still have access. Anyone who has not previously accessed the file will no longer have access.

What will the security update do to the links or my folders and files?

The security update will change the link to a new link. No content will be changed. 

When will this be applied?

The email will come out the week of July 26. If you do not get an email, none of your content will be impacted.

Google will apply the changes to the folders/files in your list starting September 13, 2021 and will complete the updates by September 30, 2021. Your content may be updated at any time during this time frame. You will not receive any notice that the change occurred nor will you notice the new security update. But please note that the links will be changed.

What can I do between now and Sept 13?

If you review your list of folders and files and see a file or two that you would like to update now to avoid possible issues later, you can easily copy the file which will create a new link. You can then distribute the new link and/or update a website to point to the new link.



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