Jaggaer User Import: 201 Error

Jaggaer User Import: 201 Error
Jaggaer User Import runs daily at 3:00 AM, when it runs into a 201 error an email will be sent to jaggaer_feed@groups.nsuok.edu.

Take each Department Name and put it into a list separated by Spaces:

( T20293 T20026 T20293 T20293 T20039 T20293 T50013 T20155 T20026 T20278 B20288 T20293 T50053 T20293 T20285 T20026 T50013 T20039 T20293 T20293 T20293 )

Take this list to the datablock Department Feed, located in Finance.Jaggaer.

Copy & Paste the list into the Departments text box, and then press the Add Departments button.
* Make sure there is only a single space between each entry.

In the list box located right below Select all Departments you'd like in the final report (Shift + Left Click each Department) and then press the Run Report button.

The multicolum box to the right will then be populated with the correct fields.
Right Click inside the multicolumn box to Save your report as a csv, then it will need to be uploaded to Jaggaer.


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