Creating an Invoice in Banner - Incorrect Document Code Entered

**Important note, as of the goLive date for Jaggear Procurement, this process will no longer be used.

On the FAAINV form, when creating an invoice, the user must manually enter "NEXT" for the FAAINVH_DOC_CODE.

User choose invoice type and Vendor's N# and goes to next screen.

Dates, address, description, amounts etc are entered.  The Vendor Invoice # is a free-form text field that should duplicate the information provided on the invoice received from the vendor.

On the next screen, the fund, account number, etc. is completed.

Finally, on the final screen, Banner assigns a "Document #" and the "NEXT" is removed.

Previously, a user made an entry error for the Invoice Document Code and entered "NET."  This involved the following solution:  

"If the invoice is posted ( verify on FGIDOCR) you can not use the FAAINVE to delete.

You would need to use the FAAINVD to Delete and Do Not Re-establish. It will remain on the invoice tables but show as cancelled.
You would then enter a new invoice correctly."

Ticket #:  18893653

**It is important to note that with the launch of Jaggear, this process will no longer be in place.



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Tue 11/23/21 10:28 AM
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