Academic Partnership - AP - Nursing

Academic Partnership is the recruiting firm for the Nursing program.  They bill NSU for 50% of the tuition as a fee for their efforts.

The process is:

Daily, an Argos report sends the enrollment information to Academic Partnership (AP).  The report:  Martin.AP.Invoice_New.Invoice_Report (as of November 29, 2021, but may be cleaned up and placed in a better location at some point.)

The folks at AP ignore these files each day until 11 days after our start date to account for "census."

This could cause issues because of 1st 7 week and 2nd 7 week classes.  There could be enrollment changes after the "census" date due to these later sessions.

Once the 11 days has passed, AP sends an invoice to NSU.

At this point, there is a very long list of instructions (link below) that the Bursar's office uses to "balance" with the invoice received.  A project to eliminate this process and set up an Argos report that gives them accurate data without the need for manipulation has been submitted as of November 29, 2021.  If they manipulate the data according to their instructions (attached) and the amounts due do not match the invoice, they are instructed to contact IT and make sure the Argos report is functioning.

If the Argos report is functioning, then they should request a new invoice because enrollments have changed after AP sent the invoice they received.






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