New Device Registration Portal

New Device Registration Portal 

Note: Device registration is intended for personal devices that do not support username AND password login. Some legacy or personal devices may only support WPA2-Personal authentication where only a password prompt is provided.

Things you will need to know to register a device

  • Your NSU Credentials

  • The device's MAC Address (Follow this Article for more information)

    • Also, you can use your current PacketFence Portal to copy your device’s MAC addresses to the new Registration Portal

  • Register the Private MAC address assigned to the NSU-Private network or turn off the Private MAC address option for the NSU-Personal network

  • Use an NSU computer or network to access the Registration Portal


Device registration process:

  1. Log in to the Device Registration Portal using your NSU Credentials

  2. Use the link below to access the Portal

  • QR code only works when the device is connected to an NSU network

  • This portal can also be accessed by connecting to the NSU-Guest wireless network, which redirects you automatically to the Registration Portal


  1. To add a new wired or wireless device under an account click “Create Device” 

  • To register a new device you will need the MAC address

  • If you need to look up your device’s MAC address, please follow this Article  


  1. Here we can add devices by filling in the required information such as MAC address and Device Name

  2. If using a wireless connection, make sure that the Private MAC address is added for the NSU-Personal network.

    • You can turn off this option to use the original MAC address of our device

    • Make sure that you read and accept the terms of use


  1. After adding the device to your account, you are going to receive a unique secure password per device. 

  2. After we register our device, we can connect to the NSU-Personal wireless network using the unique password assigned to the device


  1. Click Manage Devices to modify any registered wired or wireless devices

Options available: 

  • Change MAC address 

  • Change Device Name 

  • Generate a new password for your device


  1. Remember as a best practice we recommend to Log out from your account after you finish adding or modifying your devices

    • Protect your account, devices, and data.

    • Do not share your credentials with anyone.

If you have any questions or issues related to your device registration or network connection, please contact our Service Desk. 


Phone: 918-444-5678 

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