Joining NSU-Riverhawks on Android

Joining NSU-Riverhawks on Android

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap Network & internet

3. Tap Internet.

4. Tap NSU-Riverhawks.

5. Locate Privacy or Mac address type. Tap and select Use Device MAC or Use Phone MAC.

5. Change EAP method to use PEAP.

6. In the Identity and Password fields enter NSU username and password.

7. Change the CA certificate to Use system certificates.

8. Change the Online certificate to don't validate.

9. Set the Domain to ‘’

10. Select Connect, and the device should be successfully connected to the Wi-Fi.


If the Android device is having issues not connecting remove the connection from the list of Wi-Fi networks, then follow the setup instructions above to connect to NSU-Riverhawks.

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