Wilson Hall Zoom Rooms

Wilson Hall Zoom Room Operation

This article will explain how to start, operate, and power down the Zoom equipment in the Wilson Hall Zoom capable classrooms. The following rooms in Wilson Hall are considered Zoom capable and will house the equipment listed in this KBA:

Wilson Hall 215

Wilson Hall 235

Wilson Hall 255

Wilson Hall 256

Powering on the equipment

  • Locate the tablet located on top of the AV cabinet, typically located towards the front of the classroom by the instructor computer. If the screen is dark, simply tap on the screen to bring it awake. You should see the "Press anywhere to start" screen. Tap on the screen to log in to the system and power on the equipment.

  • Make sure that the "PC" mode is selected. You will not use "Aux" mode for most normal classes. 

Image showing the tablet screen with text displayed saying "Press anywhere to start".

  • You will need to ensure the instructor PC is powered on and the TVs have been manually turned on. The TV remote should be located at the instructors desk or podium.
  • Now simply log in to the PC and log in to your Zoom session.
  • Zoom should automatically detect the equipment, but if not, be sure to check that the correct devices are selected within the Zoom session itself. 

Note: There should be one TV remote per room and the remotes will work with all the TVs in the building. The College of Liberal Arts will have additional replacement remotes. 

Adjusting Cameras 

  • To adjust the cameras in the room, navigate to the tablet and select the camera icon in the top right. Here you can swap between the "Front Camera" and "Back Camera" if applicable to that room. 
  • Simply select the camera you wish to configure and use the touch panel to move the selected camera to its desired position.

An image depicting the camera configuration screen, with options for "Front Camera" and "Back Camera", as well as options for recalling and saving presets.

Note: There are options to save and recall camera presets.  It is recommended to reach out to IT and enter a ticket if you wish to setup a camera preset. All users can access all presets so there is a good chance your preset can be overwritten by another user.

Configuring Audio

  • All audio, including sound output and microphones, should be configured from the PC or within Zoom. The house audio is pre-configured and should NOT be touched by anyone outside of IT.
  • Adjusting the sound on the TVs is okay to do, simply use the remote to do so. 

Shutting Down Equipment

  • Turn off TVs and log out/shutdown the PC. 
  • On the tablet, press the power button in the top left of the screen and select "yes" when asked "Are you sure you want to power down?". 
  • Please store the TV remote back on the instructor podium or desk.

An image display the tablet with text reading "Are you sure you want to power down?".

Note: For any and technology issues, please place a ticket with the NSU IT Service Desk by calling 918-444-5678, emailing help@nsuok.edu, or by navigating to the Client Portal to enter a ticket. 


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