Wilson Hall 216 ClickShare

ClickShare for Web Conferencing

Wilson Hall 216 has a unique Zoom conferencing setup. This room is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) which means you will need to bring your own laptop to utilize this space. The ClickShare works with both Windows and MacOS, and can be utilized with Zoom or any other web conferencing platform (Not guaranteed to be supported by ITS).

In order to utilize ClickShare, you will need to checkout a ClickShare Dongle from the College of Liberal Arts admin secretary, located on the first floor of Wilson Hall. The dongles use USB-C, and a USB-B adapter will work as well. Both connectors are shown below. 

An image displaying the ClickShare device.

Utilizing ClickShare

When you arrive in the room and turn the TV on, you should see the default welcome screen.

Once you have everything you need, follow the steps listed below to get ClickShare connected and sharing.

  1. Connect the dongle to your laptop and wait for the white light to fill the circle on the device. Your laptop should simply detect the device, as well as detect the video/sound bar connected to the TV. 
  2. If the dongle has a fully lit white circle, click the middle button to cast your laptop onto the TV. You should see your laptop screen display to the TV. If you are not video conferencing, then you can simply use the display.
  3. If you are video conferencing, simply log in and start your Zoom meeting as you normally would. Be sure Zoom is set to use the correct video device (Room Camera) and the correct audio devices (Both ClickShare speakerphone and Room Speakerphone will work). The microphone should be set to Room Speakerphone. 

Note: ClickShare does not allow you to treat the TV as an extended display. You can only cast exactly what is being shown on your laptop. 

Now you are ready to rock. If you encounter any issues, please place a ticket with the NSU IT Service Desk by calling 918-444-5678, by emailing help@nsuok.edu, or by utilizing the Client Portal


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