Installing Respondus LockDown Browser on Chromebooks

Note: LockDown Browser is an extension, not an application. LockDown Brower mode starts automatically when you click on a Blackboard test that requires LockDown Browser.

Installing the LockDown Browser Extension

  • Open chrome
    Select the chrome icon.
  • Browse to
    • This will automatically determine that you are using ChromeOS, and redirect you to the Chrome Web Store.
    • NOTE: You will have to follow this link, as LockDown Browser is not publicly listed on the Chrome Web Store.
  • Select 'Add to Chrome'

  • Select 'Add extension'

  • The extension has now been added to Chrome. To start a LockDown Browser session, navigate to Blackboard and select a test that requires LockDown Browser.
    • The LockDown Browser extension will start automatically.


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Tue 11/8/22 10:57 AM
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