Mapping Network Drives to a PC

1) Open File Explorer and click This PC

2) Right-click This PC and click Map Network drive

3) With the Map Network Drive window open:

  • For “Drive:” select the drive letter that matches the drive you are mapping
  • In the “Folder:” field type the following for the corresponding drive:

L drive         \\nsu-storage\home\UserIDs

I drive          \\nsu-storage\public

M drive       \\nsu-storage\groups

K drive        \\nsu-storage\public\student_apps

J drive          \\nsu-storage\public\employee_apps

Note: When it says UserID in the above file paths you will type your NSU username

c) Check the box Connect using different credentials

d) Then click Finish

4) The Network Credentials window opens:

a) In the User name field enter: nt-nsu\Username

b) In the Password field enter: your NSU password.

The mapped drive will now be available in the File Explorer → This PC


*Note, if mapping drives over the VPN be sure to select the Use Different Credentials option.

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