Mapping Network Drives to a Mac

1) With the Desktop selected click on the "Go" button on the menu bar, then select the option "Connect to Server".

Picture showing the top header of MacOS main screen. GO option is listed with drop down box. Connect to server is highlighted.

2) In the Connect to Server window, type in the path for the corresponding drives that you are trying to map and click connect.

Picture shows the connect to server screen with server address filled in

L drive        smb://nsu-storage/home/username

I drive         smb://nsu-storage/public

M drive       smb://nsu-storage/groups

K drive        smb://nsu-storage/public/student_apps

J drive         smb://nsu-storage/public/employee_apps


3) Once you click connect, it will say that it is connecting to the proper drive. A Finder window opens showing the drives you mapped.

4) Drag the folder containing your files to the side bar of the Finder to have quick access.

Picture showing drive window with my files located in it


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