Access NSU Secure WiFi

How to Access NSU Secure Wi-Fi

  1. ) Connect to NSU-Secure Wi-Fi by selecting it in your device's Wi-Fi settings.
  2. ) Enter your NSU username and password to connect.


Note: Some devices may require you to choose what "certificates" to use. You will choose the "Use System Certificates" option and then put in the domain "" in the domain field  that appears. Not all devices support WPA2-Enterprise and PEAP authentication.

Please be aware that if your NSU Account has changed its password you will need to update this password in the wifi settings of your device to be able to connect.


How to Connect on a Smart Phone or Tablet


  1. ) In Wi-Fi settings Select NSU Secure
  2. ) Set EAP Method to PEAP
  3. ) *Set Domain to ""
  4. ) Set CA Certificate to either "Use System Certificates" or "Dont Validate"
  5. ) **Set Phase 2 Authentication to MSCHAPV2
  6. ) Set Identity to your NSU Username (i.e. john285)
  7. ) Input your password
  8. ) Leave any aditional settings as their default options

*Not all devices will require you to set the domain.
**Phase 2 Authentication may be located under "Advanced Options" on some devices.

Note: The wording of settings may slightly differ on your mobile device. 

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