Device Registration

This article will allow you to use devices that require an internet connection.

The only devices that need to be registered are gaming devices, PCs, and Laptops.

You can register up to 10 devices, and has to be renewed every 120 days or the beginning of each semester.

Note: Smart TVs, the Nintendo Wii, streaming devices (Roku, AppleTV), routers, and switches are not supported on our network.


1) Connect your laptop/desktop to a wired port in your room, or by connecting to NSU WiFi

2) On your computer, attempt to navigate to any webpage. You should be redirected to the NSU-branded ISE Sign On page: this should automatically load for you.

3) Enter your NSU Username and Password to sign on

5) You will be redirected to a Success page

6) Once successfully signed on and connected to the Internet, you will register your device at

7) Enter your NSU Username and Password to sign on

8) Select Add Device

9) Fill out the devices information in Add Device:

  • The Device Name can be anything that signifies what the device is Ex. PS4, XBOX, PC
  • The Device ID is the MAC address of the device

The description is not mandatory, but can help you remember what the device is

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