Creating a Zoom Meeting

If you need assistance downloading the Zoom application on your personal computer, please use our 'Downloading the Zoom Client' article.

Logging into a Zoom meeting on campus

1) Launch the Zoom application

2) Log in to Zoom using the SSO button located on the right side of the application window

Picture that shows the Zoom login page

3) You will be prompted for the company domain. In this box put nsuok, and press connect

  •  You may be notified of an internet redirect warning when connecting to the nsuok domain, if this happens press okay

4) You will now be prompted to log in using your NSU username and password

Logging into a Zoom meeting off campus

1) Launch the Zoom application

2) Click the button most appropriate to what you are wanting to accomplish "Join", "Host", "Sign in"

3) When prompted, sign in with your NSU username and password

4) If you do not have Zoom downloaded and installed, you will be provided with a download link or the download will start automatically. 

5) After Zoom is installed, you should have access to the meeting you are joining/starting and your Zoom profile settings

Hosting a personal Zoom meeting instantly

1)  Once logged in to the SSO, the Zoom application should provide you with a Start with Video and a Start without Video option in the upper half of the application window

2) Pressing either of these buttons will launch a meeting with you as the host, and with video settings corresponding to the option you chose

3) Upon launching a meeting you will be prompted to choose an audio conference option, in order to utilize the computer for the hosted meeting select Join Audio Conference by Computer

4) You will now be hosting a Zoom meeting and will have a link to your Zoom meeting displayed on the screen that you can share with other users so that they are able join your session

5) In the bottom left you can enable/disable video chat while the session is taking place in the event that you selected the wrong option upon hosting the meeting


Scheduling a Zoom meeting for a later time

1) Once logged in to the SSO, the Zoom application should provide you with a Schedule option in the lower right corner of the application window

2) Upon clicking this option you will be met with a list of settings you can adjust for the Zoom meeting you are scheduling

3) After adjusting the meeting settings to your preference, press the blue Schedule button located on the bottom right of the options window

Picture showing the Zoom main screen when logged in. Options shown are New Meeting, Join, Schedule, and Share Screen

4)  After scheduling the Zoom meeting, a window with a pre-generated invitation will open. You can edit and/or copy this message to send to other users you would like to have join the scheduled meeting

  • It is important that you leave the meeting link in this message, as it is how users will be able to connect to the Zoom meeting when it begins

5) Users will be able to join the meeting when it begins at the scheduled time and date by using the link in the pre-generated invitation that was given to you upon the scheduling of the meeting

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