Unable to Log Into goNSU

If you can't log into goNSU, here are some things to check

1) Admission Term vs. Active Term. If a student is admitted to a future term, it may not be open or Active in goNSU

  • Fall and Summer Terms are opened in February of the same year
  • Spring Terms are opened in September of the prior year

2) Admission Date. Our account provisioning system runs on a nightly process as well as the process that creates the import file for goNSU

  • It can take up to 48 hours from time of admission, to account provisioning, to import file generation, to the actual goNSU import. Unlike the automatic account creation of Active Directory, Blackboard, and GreenMail accounts, goNSU accounts require a manual import process for creation

3) Are you using your NSU Username or your NSU Email Address to try and log in? Only your NSU Username will work

4) Make sure your password is good. If it works for other services like GreenMail or BlackBoard, it will work for goNSU, unless one of the prior points applies. If it fails one of the other services, you may need to go through Password Manager for a new one

Note: For Faculty and Staff, points three and four, from above, apply. Faculty and Staff accounts are manually created when the Service Desk receives an Action Form with all of the appropriate approvals


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