Projector Troubleshooting

Blue/blank screen being displayed

  • The correct source is selected on the projector
  • The switcher has the correct source selected
  • The PC or device needing to be displayed is on
  • The cable connections from each source are properly connected
  • The pins on the VGA or DVI cables are not damaged or bent
  • The splitter or switcher is plugged in and powered on


Projector will not power on

  • Make sure it is plugged in properly
  • Make sure the main power switch is turned on


Projector’s LED indicators are blinking

  • The error code can generally be determined by viewing the projector’s manual in the troubleshooting section
  • This most commonly indicates:
    • The lamp has died
    • The projector has overheated
    • There is an issue with the power supply
    • There is an issue with the system board
    • The fans are malfunctioning


Other Common Issues 

  • Use of Smart Tech’s “Sympodium” monitor can cause display issues such as blurry/jumpy display and no display if it is powered off
  • Ugly looking colored hue, jumpy display, and lines can often be the result of a bad connection or bent/damaged pins on the cables


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