Using Canon Copiers and SecurePrint


Send a print job to the printer from your computer. Print jobs will default to black and duplex to save money. To print color or single sheets, check the properties under the programs print menu

The print job will not print until the person who sent the print job logs into or swipes their ID at any Canon Copier on campus

Your print job will appear on your queue. Six print options are shown at the bottom of the screen

  • Print + Keep will print and keep that job in your queue, for 48 hours, then auto delete – you can reprint from the Previously Printed Jobs queue
  • Print + Delete will delete the selected job after printing
  • Print All prints all jobs in your queue
  • Select All chooses all jobs in your queue
  • Refresh option refreshes the print queue
  • Delete removes chosen print jobs from the queue

Remember to log off when all actions are complete. If you forget to log out, you will automatically be logged out after 2 minutes of inactivity


Place paper to be copied in one of two places

  • Lifting the lid and placing a single page on the scanner
  • Place pages on the top feed

Choose options like number of copies, color, duplexing, paper size, etc

Press the green Start button

Scan and Fax

Press the Scan button. There are a few options:

  • Press Send to Myself to scan the documents and have a PDF emailed to you
  • Press New Destination to scan the document and send it to an email or fax
    • Choose Email
    • Enter in a fax number like 2340 for on campus or 914795551000 for off campus, or enter a receipt’s email address
    • You will NOT see an immediate confirmation at the Canon; you WILL receive an email confirmation. If there is an error with the destination, you should get a printed summary page
  • Press One Touch to register destination email or fax numbers – these should be frequently used destinations
  • Press Address Book to register destination email or fax numbers much like a rolodex


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