AdAstra Scheduling

1) Navigate to the event booking page by clicking on the provided link:

2) Select Employees and Students

3) Select Scheduler, this will appear under a green Click Here banner towards the top right portion of the screen

4) Click the Sign In button at the top right of the screen and enter your credentials in the fields provided

5) Select the Events tab at the top of the page, then Request Event from the drop down menu

7) A box will appear titled Event Request Wizard, click the carrot to select what type of event you are requesting

7) Select the desired event type from the menu and press Next. You will then be taken to an event request form to fill out with the event details

8) Enter a contact name for the event

9) Enter the organization attending the event

10) Enter a contact email for the event. This will default to the NSU email associated with the account you logged into Astra with

11) Enter meeting name under Event Name

12) Enter the estimated attendance of the event in the Event Estimated Attendance field

13) Select meeting type in the Event Type field

14) After the Room Reservation Policy and Information section, you can add meeting places and times to your event. You can use the Add Meeting button to add as many meetings for this event as you like by selecting SingleMultiple, or Recurring, provided they are all at least 7 days after the day you book them in the scheduler.

15) Select whether this event will require food or drink

16) Fill in the box at the bottom of the page with any equipment or services the event will require, if any

17) Select Submit to enter the request


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