Using the Snipping Tool in Windows 10

Finding and Opening the Snipping Tool

1) Click on the Search button on the Task Bar → Type Sn in the test field and you will see the Snipping Tool option > Click to open

Picture that shows the snipping tool preview menu.

  • Top row - Snipping Tool logo; minimize, resize, and close buttons
  • Middle row - New, Mode and Delay with drop-down arrows, Cancel, and Options buttons
  • Bottom row - text - Select the snip mode using the Mode button or click the New button. Question button

Note: The snipping tool will disappear once you click New and try to take a snippet of the page


Controls and Functions

New is the first option, however the other options give you control over how you Snip, so it should be the last button you click.
New - Click to activate copy feature. The entire screen, or multiple screens, will be overlaid with a transparent grey cover. Your mouse will become a selection cross that looks like a plus sign +. Click and drag to select the area you want to copy. When you release the mouse button the selected image will be loaded in the Clipboard.
Mode - The type of image you want to capture.
  • Free-form Snip - draw your selection
  • Rectangular Snip - default
  • Window Snip - one window on screen
  • Full-screen Snip
Delay - No delay is the default, but you may choose between 1 and 5 seconds delay. This is useful when trying to capture a drop-down menu.
Cancel - Stops the Snip and resets to original controls
Options - Leave at default settings recommended.


Loaded Snipping Tool

A picture that shows the snipping tool menu with a image being  edited.

1) The above screenshot is what you will see after taking a snippet of the screen. You will have many editing options listed

Top row- Snipping Tool logo; minimize, resize, and close buttons
Middle row - File, Edit, Tools, and Help 
Bottom row - New, Mode, Delay Save, Copy, and Email buttons; Pen, Highlighter, and Eraser tools
Display Window - Shows the Snipped image, a green box
Tip - The Snipped Image may be pasted directly into most software. This includes GreenMail, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, and PowerPoint.
You now have more tools and options on what to do with your image.


More Controls and Functions

  • New Snip - Ctrl + N
  • Save As… - Ctrl + S - .png, .gif, .jpg, and .mht
  • Tip - .png is a Portable Network Graphic and when used  with the Free Form Mode you can save an image without a background.
  • Send To -   > - This is not configured for use at NSU.
  • Print… -  Ctrl + P
  • Exit


  • Copy - Ctrl + C
  • Pen, Highlighter, and Eraser - use covered below
  • Options... - This is the same as in the pre-image window. Leave at default settings recommended. 
  • Help - F1
  • About - License and Version information

New, Mode, and Delay - Same as above

Save Icon - The standard 3.5 floppy disk icon opens the Save As dialog box.
Copy Icon - This reloads the image onto the Clipboard. Recommended after making notes.
Send Snip Email Icon - This is not configured for use at NSU.
Pen Icon with drop-down menu - Clicking the icon activates the Pen tool so you may draw or write on the image. The drop-down lets you change the color between Red, Blue, and Black or to Customize the Pen color, thickness, and tip.
Highlighter - Standard yellow highlighter tool.
Eraser - Erases pen and highlighter.


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