Starting Up an ITV Class or Meeting

Start Up

1) Turn on all of the televisions using the remote labeled T.V.

2) Turn the projector on using the projector remote, they are typically gray in color

3) If the other side has already connected to your side of the room you are done

If the other side has NOT already connected continue to step 4

4) In order to connect to the other room, use the Polycom remote (black with colored buttons) walk over to the Polycom and make sure the directory is highlighted this is located in the top half of the screen. Use the maroon (on the old remote) colored navigational buttons at the top center to move around

5) There will be a list of rooms, make sure you select the room you need. NSUM will be Muskogee, NSUBA is Broken Arrow, the classroom number will be after it (i.e. BASC 219). Use the center maroon (on the old remote, on the new one the button is still silver) button to select the room you want to call

6) Push the call button (the green phone shaped button on the remote at the top left on the old remote, center left on the new one)

  • IF the call says rejected, this means someone on the other side declined your call
    • This typically means that there is a class in session
    • DO NOT attempt a recall until 9 minutes before the class is supposed to start
  • IF the call keeps ringing and does not connect (this usually means the other side Polycom is off)
    • Verify you are calling the right room and try again
      • If you are unable to connect call the Service Desk at 918-444-5678 or the ITV Technician at 918-931-2264 for assistance
  • After the call is connected
    • Do a sound check with the other side
    • If NO ONE is there yet, adjust the Far Side cameras


Sending Content

1) Press the Content or Graphics button on the Polycom remote

2) Press the OK button in the middle of the directional buttons on Computer

3) How to switch and move the cameras

  • Select the correct location (Near or Far)
  • Pan with the Left, Right, Up, and Down buttons
  • If needed there is a Zoom option (looks similar to the Volume up and down on most remotes) on the right side of the remote
  • If you need to use a different camera view than what shows up when you boot everything
    • Select the correct location (Near or Far)
    • Press the Camera button
    • Use the Left and Right directional buttons to select the correct view
    • Press the OK button

Picture showing a VSX Series Remote that outlines all the button functions

Picture showing a Polycom remote, that outlines all the button functions


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