College or Department Email Policy and Administration

Organizational email is offered as a communications medium to assist Northeastern State University (NSU) organizations in conducting their official day-to-day business.



  • All organizations, officially recognized by the university, qualify for an email account through this program.
  • Application forms are available online. A form must be completed and approved by the Dean or the Administrator of the organization.
  • An email account may be requested at any time during the year.
  • Five working days are required after an application is submitted before the email account will be available.


About the Email Account

  • An email account may be issued on either a temporary or permanent basis.
  • Accounts are issued to colleges, departments, or organizations. They do not belong to individuals and, in that sense, are not portable.
  • NSU and Information Technology Services assumes no responsibility for loss which may arise due to the use of the email account, regardless of the cause of the loss.


Reasonable Use

  • The email account is offered as a service, it is not a right.
  • If an email account is used for announcements, discretion should be used when selecting subject matter and wording.
  • The password to an email account assigned to an organization will be issued to the Dean or Administrator of the organization.
  • While email accounts are not published by Information Technology Services, there is no guarantee that an email address will not be widely known.
  • The password must be protected.
  • The password is required to retrieve and delete messages left in the inbox.
  • There is not a facility which allows Information Technology Services to determine if an email account is being accessed by unauthorized persons, i.e., someone who knows the password but should not.
  • If an organization loses official recognition by the university, the organization sponsor will be given a 24 hour notice and the email account will be deleted.
  • Information Technology Services reserves the right to remove an email address from service if it is being used in an offensive or illegal manner as viewed under the NSU Acceptable Use Policy.


How it Works

1) Organizational email assignments are issued on a first come basis. Duplicates cannot be created. Assuming the requested email address is not already in use, it will then be assigned.

2) The requesting organization fills out the COLLEGE OR DEPARTMENT email POLICY AND ADMINISTRATION, request form. On this form, the department should provide the requested email address to be assigned (e.g. The characters to the right of the @ symbol remain constant (i.e., The left side of the @ symbol is the user ID. Each organization is encouraged to choose a user ID that helps describe their organization.

3) Some suggestions for creating a username

  • Use dot, underscore, or dash for word separators
  • Mix upper and lower case to improve readability (the alias is actually case-insensitive)
  • Avoid using special characters such as @, angled brackets, pound signs, quotes, etc


If you need additional information on how to manage your new account please contact the NSU IT Service Desk at ext. 5678 or email


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