Adding GreenMail to Android

Adding GreenMail on Android

1) Download or open the Gmail app from the Google Playstore

2) In the Gmail app make sure to remove all signed in accounts.

  • To do so: From the upper left hand corner select the 3 bars
  • Select the drop down arrow next to the account
  • Select Manage Account
  • Select the account then select Remove Account

3) Select Add Account while in the app.

4) Under Set up email options select Google

5) Sign in with your NSU email and password.

6) You will then be directed to the NSU Sign On page, sign in with your NSU credentials

7) Once signed in, you will be directed back to the Gmail app

8) Once your have been directed back to the app, you will select Continue to Gmail

9) Once selected, your NSU account is successfully added to the Gmail app


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