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Submitting a Training Request

*This list is not exhaustive or meant to limit request. If your request is not contained in this list, please submit your request with the information you believe is relevant to your request.

Types of Request covered in this article

Campus wide training class on campus standard software and hardware

Campus wide classes held in the ITS computer labs hold between 9 and 30 students at a time. The classes require sign-up through the Training Calendar to avoid lack of seating issues.

If you would like to have a topical (limited number of classes on a targeted subject) or series (beginning to advanced) class on a subject not currently on the calendar please be specific in your request.

An example of the difference the information you provides makes

  • What you want: How to use Mail Merge in MS Word
  • What you request: Microsoft Word class
  • The difference: Requesting general training in a program would create a series and it may be two semesters before a particular in-depth topic is covered. Requesting a Mail Merge class in MS Word would create a class on Mail Merge.

Professional Development Classes answer the questions

  • What is the learning outcome or goal of the training?
  • How many people will attend the training or will it be open to all on campus once created and scheduled?

Departmental Training
When a department or college request training, include

  • What is the topic to be covered?
  • How much time is allotted for training?
  • How many will attend?
  • Will you come to the training lab or would you like the Trainer to come to your department?


Workflow Assistance

When you are working on a project at your desk and have an issue that effects your workflow production, this is a priority​​.

Include the issue details as best you can and expect to be contacted for resolution to begin.



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