Selecting the Correct Video and Audio Sources in a Zoom Meeting

When in a Zoom meeting, you may experience a problem with sending/receiving video or audio after the call has been established. In order to get a better idea of what your options are, take a quick inventory of the equipment installed in the room. This will allow you to make a more educated guess of what the PC & Zoom application will be looking to use.

This could range from an all-in one PC with integrated mic/camera or a system using external video cameras and a multiple microphone/ceiling speaker audio system.  

When this happens to you, check the following items:

1) While in the Zoom app, make sure that you have selected Join Audio Conference by Computer

2) Located in a green field when you start the meeting.


After this has been done, check the following:

The test below can be done either within a call or before the call is made

1) Look at the microphone and camera icons in the lower left screen. Make sure that these are not muted. If they are not, speak normally and see if you can detect a green‚ÄĚdeflection in the mic icon when speaking or making some other noise. This will tell you that Zoom is picking up the audio signal or not.

2) Next, click the arrow between the mic and camera icons. This will show a drop down list of audio devices detected by Zoom, your microphones and speakers that can be selected. Depending on your  room setup and equipment, select the device in both categories that you would like to use.

3) Once you have chosen your devices, click the bottom entry Audio Options. This will pull up a text box that will contain Test Computer Mic & Speakers, click here. This will open a test page that will again allow to change and choose devices and allow to test each option. Click Test Speaker and you should hear an audio sequence out of you  selected speakers. This tone will continue until you click the tab again.

  • To test the mic, click the blue mic test button and begin speaking in the microphone. This will create a recording that will automatically be replayed into the room after several seconds. Continue selecting devices until you have found the proper device for your setup.

4) For selecting the video camera, click the arrow to the right of the camera icon. There is no video test similar to the audio testing, but all available video sources should be listed in the video drop down list. Select the proper device for your system.

  • When the proper device is selected, video should appear as long as the video is not muted.

The process listed above, will not affect any functions on another site within the call, other than establishing a successful full-duplex collaboration connection. If this process is unsuccessful and does not solve the issue, you may continue troubleshooting within the PC soundcard/USB connections, etc. or seek assistance from the
IT Service Desk by calling 918-444-5678.



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