Finding / Submitting an Action Form

Locating the Action Form

1) Navigate to

2) From here select the Sign In option in the top right corner

Picture showing the Client Portal top header

3) This will direct you to the Single Sign On page where you will log in with your Username and Password

4) Upon logging in, it will direct you back to the Client Portal

5) At the top of the screen will be a series of links you can click on 

6) Select Services

Picture showing the top head of the Client Portal


7) This brings you to our Service Catalog, where you should be able to find all forms you will need access to

8) For Action Forms, select Accounts and Access

9) This will pull up a page with information pertaining to user accounts, Password Manager, etc

10) From here click on the Action Form link

Picture showing the Submit Action Form, Share, and Add to Favorites buttons

11) On the right hand side of the screen, click on the Submit Action Form button. This will pull up the correct form in our new ticketing system. Fill out the required fields and submit the request.


Filling Out the Action Form

1) Determine the type of access the individual needs

  • New Employee
  • Change of Position/Permission
  • Disable Account

2) Fill in who the Account Sponsor is for this employee

3) Provide the BannerID for the employee

4) The Account/Department should auto fill based on what department you belong to while logged into the ticketing system

5) Provide the job title of the employee

6) Determine if the user is faculty, staff, or a student worker

7) Select whether or not the employee will have time card/leave approver

8) If the employee needs Banner access, whose account should they mirror

9) Select the form of Banner that the individual will need access to

  • Advancement
  • Finance
  • Financial Aid
  • HR/Payroll
  • Student

10) Provide any additional needs for Banner, M: Drive access, or Argos

11) Select the Request button to submit your ticket for completion.


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