Banner 9 Training and Navigation

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Banner 9 Training and Navigation

Banner 9 is now in our production environment.  Please go to to explore the Banner 9 environment with NSU data.  You can also get to this site by going to http://tinb:8080/ and selecting PROD and then Banner 9.  Please keep in mind that this is production, meaning any data or configuration changes you make in Banner 9, will be in effect for both Banner 8 & 9.  If you wish to play in a safe space, you may go to http://tinb:8080/ and select PREPROD

This new release delivers a number of important enhancements, including a modern user interface, enhanced navigation and process management tools, and new functionality across the student, HR and finance functions. It will also give us greater flexibility as we will be able to run Banner on any browser and on tablets.   

Most of the feedback that other institutions have provided indicates that getting used to the new interface and navigation takes minimal effort (like an update to the interface for Gmail). To date, hundreds of Banner customers have already upgraded or are in the process of upgrading, and we will be able to share experiences across the Banner community as we roll out Banner 9 here.

Because we are upgrading only the administrative modules, there will be little to no impact on our students.  We anticipate upgrading the self-service modules during the Spring 2019 semester.  We will update one at time and give the campus advanced notice.

To see what is coming check out these resources:







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