Creating a Calculations Table in Excel

Creating a Calculations Table in Excel

1) To create a table in excel you need to set up set values, for example:


  • Here we have a group AAA battery that are in three sets of boxes large, medium, and singles that is equal to set numbers 144, 24, 4.

2) Then, you add a blank variable to change to get the result you want - in this case, the total number of batteries.


  • To make it so that when you input the information the total changes, you need to add a formula to the cell you want the result to show.


  • Here you insert a sum formula for cell B9 multiplied by cell D9 in this case you will get an answer of 432. Note the names of your cells will be different.


3) You should repeat these steps for all lines.


4) Finally, you find another cell for the final total which is another sum formula for cells F9 through F11 for a total of 484.


5) This is just an example of how tables can be used; you can replicate this with a simple math equation /,*,-, and + for example, or in either vertical or horizontal directions.


Creating Dates that Will Auto-fill

1) Start with the cell you want the first data to be. This Date will be the one that you change so that the others will auto change.

  • type a test date.

2) Select the cell you want the first auto date to show up in and add a sum formula to the cell.

  • Then you click the test date and +1 to it in the sum formula.


3) Click enter, This will use that formula to show the day after your test date.


4) Once you have done this you can reselect the cell you added the formula to and drag the green autofill box over other cells and it will fill those cells with the same formula.

  • now when you change the first date all the others will auto fill.



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