Finding the Service Tag for PCs and Macs

Instructions for Windows PC

Windows Service Tags are made of both letters and numbers and consist of 7 characters. (Example: DZH1FB2)

Depending on the type of computer, there are several different ways to obtain a service tag

1) If the computer is locked and not currently signed into, you can type .\ into the username field and the service tag will be displayed under the password field

2) You can right click on the windows icon (located on the bottom left of the screen) and select System 

Picture showing pop up tray with the system option highlighted.

  • Once the system screen is open, you should see the About screen. There will be a section titled Device Specifications. The Service Tag is listed as the Device name

Picture showing a windows 10 device specifications screen.

3) If the computer is a All-in-One desktop, the service tag can also be found on the back of the computer on a white sticker


Instructions for Mac Computers

For Macs, the service tag is known as the serial number. 

1) For desktop styled Macs, the serial number can be found under the stand of the machine

2) For all Mac machines, you can click on the apple icon on the top left and select About this Mac

Picture showing the About this Mac drop down highlighted.

  • The serial number will be listed on this page

Picture showing a MacOS overview page

These are the fastest ways to obtain the service tag or serial number for a Mac or PC. 


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