Finding Your BannerID

How to Find Your BannerID

The Banner ID consists of an “N” followed by 8 numbers

  • Example: N0012356


Your Banner ID can be found in the following locations:

  • Your green NSU Student ID Card
  • In goNSU, any options listed under the Registration Information
  • Your Acceptance Letter


If you cannot locate your Banner ID in the above locations you can call the following departments to assist you:


1) IT Service Desk (918) 444-5678

  • Note: You must know your username. In the case that you do not, you must contact the Admissions Office.


2) Admissions Office (918) 444-2200


If you have issues gathering your Banner ID from any of these steps, please contact the NSU IT Service Desk for further assistance at 918-444-5678.

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