Blackboard Troubleshooting

Blackboard Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble logging into Blackboard below are some steps you can try:

1) Clear your Internet browser's history cookies and cache

  • Instructions to do so can be found here

2) Try using a different browser

  • Blackboard's support browsers can be found here

3) If you are on your home network, try unplugging your Internet router

  • Leave off for 15 seconds then plug it back in and restart it

If you cannot view a specific course in Blackboard, we recommend contacting the professor of that course and confirm if it is open. Your professor should also confirm that you are enrolled in that course.

  • If the professor verifies you are in the course and that the course is open, contact the NSU IT Service Desk at 918.444.5678

If you continue to experience issues, you can place a ticket with the NSU IT Service Desk here.

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