Adding Emails to Mozilla Thunderbird

Set Up Additional Email Accounts to Mozilla Thunderbird

1) Open up the application and you should be greeted with the Set Up an Existing Email Account screen

Note: This screen will not automatically open if a previous email has already been setup. To add another email, click on the previous email address in the top left corner and then click the "email" button under "Set up an account".

2) Type in your name, the email address to be added, and the password for that email.

3) Click Continue once this information has been entered

4) You will then see two options, IMAP and POP3. Select IMAP and click Done.

  • You will be taken to your emails sign in screen and will be asked to put in your email and password one more time. After this, your email should be added and everything will begin syncing to the application

Note: If you do not have the Mozilla Thunderbird application installed, a ticket will need to be placed with the NSU IT Service Desk. They can be reached at or 918-444-5678.


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