Delegated Account Access

What is a delegated account access?

Delegated account access is an easier and more secure way to access a departmental email account without sharing password information. Instead of creating a separate email and password combination for shared departmental email accounts we can grant delegated access when a proper request has been made and approved.

How to get a delegated account access?

NSU employees wishing to gain delegated account access will need to click here and then click "Submit a Ticket"

How to access a delegated account?

Once a departmental email account is delegated to you, it will appear under your regular GreenMail account in the top right hand corner where the Add Account and Sign Out buttons of GreenMail are located.

Accessing Delegated Account


*Delegated accounts are for use with NSU GreenMail. If you are having issues with Google Drive and/or Docs please see the Google Drive KBA or Shared Drives KBA.


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