Continuing Education / Visitor Account Access

Continuing Education / Visitor Account Aquisition

Continuing Education accounts will be granted to indivuduals upon request from the office of Continuing Education. These accounts allow access to Blackboard and campus computers for the completion of any Continuing Education courses. These accounts require a valid email address and birthdate.

Visitor accounts will be granted to indivuduals upon request from an approved Faculty/Staff sponsor. These accounts will allow access to campus computers and upon request to specific Blackboard courses for Guest Speakers and other visitors to the University. These accounts require a valid email address and Birthdate.

Visitor and Continuing Education accounts do not have access to Email, goNSU or any other online services besides Blackboard.


Account Activation

Once your account is created you will recieve an email from NSU ITS which containes the information needed to activate your account. This email will contain your unique BannerID number. 

1) To activate your account, navigate to the Password Manager website


2) Enter the BannerID provided to you beginning with 914V, then enter your Date of Birth as MMDDYY, and capitalize the first letter of your last name

3) Please check the I'm not a robot box

Password Manager

4) Select the Next button and accept the acceptible use policy and set your secret question(s)

5) If you are unable to answer your Secret Question please call or email the IT Service Desk (918-444-5678,  for further assistance


Have Questions or Need Assistance

If you have any questions or need assistance with Password Manager feel free to call the NSU IT Service Desk at 918-444-5678 or email and we will be happy to assist you. Be sure to have your BannerID ready.


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