Using the Magnification Tool


In Microsoft Office - Use the slide bar in the lower right corner

On many other screens - Use the Ctrl and + keys to enlarge or CTRL and - to shrink a screen view

Magnification Desktop App- Type Magnifier into the Search window (on the Task Bar).  When you get thru Mag, the Magnifier Tool will be available and you may turn it on by double clicking.  When open, the small window shown below will be on your screen. Or use the keyboard shortcut of the Windows key and the + key to open the app

The top row has the Magnifier icon and title on the left and the standard window controls for minimize, restore, and close on the right. The bottom bar contains the controls: A - and + sign, Views with a drop-down  arrow, and the Settings icon. The Views drop-down is shown open with the options of Full screen:Ctrl+Alt+F, Lens:Ctrl+Alt+L, Docked:Ctrl+Alt+D, and Preview full screen:Ctrl+Alt+Space.

The + and - signs will increase or decrease the magnification. The number with the % sign shows the current magnification. Magnification ranges from 100% to 1600%

Next is the Views option with the drop-down  arrow options of Full screen, Lens, Docked, and Preview full screen. These views give the user great control options

  • Full screen - The entire screen will be effected by the Magnifier. The Mouse will control movement up/down and side to side
  • Lens - The Lens option produces a magnifying lens that moves with the mouse.  The size of the lens can be customized using the Shift + Alt keys and the keyboard arrows
  • Docked - This view opens at the width of the screen and 1-2 inches high at the top of the screen. The bottom of the screen will remain normal size. Move the mouse around to control the magnified area above. The height on the magnified are can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the bottom line to resize

Lastly, the Settings icon that looks like a gear. This will open the Settings Window with other controls for the tool

Note: In the Settings Window there is a list of other keyboard shortcuts. Click the "Show all keyboard shortcuts" to expand the list


Keyboard Shortcuts

Turn Magnifier on - Windows logo key + Plus (+)

Turn Magnifier off - Windows logo key + Esc

Open Magnifier settings - Windows logo key + Ctrl + M

Zoom in - Windows logo key + Plus (+)

Zoom out - Windows logo key + Minus (-)

Zoom with mouse scroll wheel - Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Scroll Wheel

Pan left - Ctrl + Alt + Left arrow key

Pan right - Ctrl + Alt + Right arrow key

Pan up - Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow key

Pan down - Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow key

Invert colors - Ctrl + Alt + I

Full screen view - Ctrl + Alt + F

Lens View - Ctrl + Alt + L

Docked View - Ctrl + Alt + D

Change view - Ctrl + Alt + M

Use the mouse to resize the lens - Ctrl + Alt + R

Decrease lens width - Shift + Alt + Left arrow key

Increase lens width - Shift + Alt + Right arrow key

Increase lens height - Shift + Alt + Up arrow key

Decrease lens height - Shift + Alt + Down arrow key

Preview full screen - Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar


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