UserID and PIN / Web Access Disabled Error Messages

When you are prompted to enter a UserID and PIN (as pictured below) after you have logged into goNSU, you are receiving an error message. Entering information into the UserID and PIN page will disable your account. 


In order to prevent this issue from occurring, you may use an alternate web browser to access the goNSU website or back out of the screen using the web browsers back arrow and try navigating again.

If you have entered any information into the UserID andPIN field you will be met later on with the following error message:


To have your account re-enabled, please place a ticket with the IT Service desk by visiting the link below:

The following information will need to be included in your request so we can verify your NSU User Account:

  1. Banner ID Number
  2. Date of Birth
  3. NSU Username
  4. Full Name

Once we have verified your information, your web access will be re-enabled and notification will be sent you.


Article ID: 80809
Thu 6/13/19 3:25 PM
Fri 2/14/20 1:28 PM

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