Operating Lights in Webb 614

Description of Light Control Panel

The panel for controlling the lights in Webb 614 is directly to one's left as they enter the left side door of the room. If facing the instructor's desk at the front of the room, the panel would be located to the right. The panel consists of 9 buttons arranged in a square and 8 light bars arranged in columns with one button above and below each light bar. Each light bar represents a portion of the lighting in the room. The more filled up the light bar is, the brighter the light that column represents will be. The top button of a column brightens the corresponding light while the bottom button dims it.


Instructions for Panel Use

  • The button on the top left of the 9 button square will turn all the lights on.
  • The button that reads "OFF" in the bottom right of the square will turn all lights off.
  • The 1st column controls the lights in the back of the room and some can lights over the student's desks.
  • The 3rd column controls the main lights.
  • The 4th column controls the lights at the front of the room above the instructor's desk.
  • The 5th column controls the can lights in the front.

To get the best results when adjusting individual lights, first press the "all on" button and then dim the lights you do not want on until they turn off.

Light Panel with labeled buttons

*When adjusting lights, there will be a delay between adjustment and the reaction of the lights.


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