Ink Cartridge and Toner Recycling

Ink Cartridges and Tone Recycling

NSU IT provides Ink Cartridge and Toner Recycling for the university and surrounding community. You can dispose of your used ink cartridges and toner in an environmentally friendly way by dropping them off in the recycle bins provided.

NSU IT is responsible for recycling Canon Copier toner for the University. When your Canon Copier is running low on toner, a ticket is placed with the IT Service Desk. A technician then visits your office and replaces the toner. The technician will bring the used toner back to the IT Service Desk to be recycled.

Individuals can recycle Dell, HP, or other brands of cartridges and toners at their discretion. Dell and HP provide free printable shipping labels. Dell will accept any brand of ink cartridge and toner, while HP only accepts their brand. You may ship one box at a time or schedule pallet pickup. For departmental recycling, you will need to supply the boxes to be shipped (we recommend saving paper boxes or boxes from receiving orders).

Shipping Ink Cartridges and Toner

For shipping instructions and to print free shipping labels browse to the manufacture websites below:

NSU Shipping and Receiving can assist with shipping Fedex and UPS boxes while NSU Mail Services (campus mail) can assist with shipping USPS.

Recycle Bin Locations

Tahlequah Campus - IT Service Desk on the first floor of the Webb Building.

Broken Arrow Campus - IT Client Services office in the Business and Technology Building, Room 230.

Muskogee Campus - IT Client Services office in the Administration Building, Room 153.


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