Six Reasons to use "Incognito Mode" when browsing the web.

Here is a shortlist of reasons as to why you should use "Incognito Mode" when browsing the internet. Ranging from security reasons to finding the best deals when shopping or for traveling.

1. Using Public Computers

Whether you’re at work, school, the library or over at a friend’s house, virtually all of us use devices that aren’t ours. With virtually every service and subscription requiring the use of personal usernames and passwords, entering those credentials into these public PCs is less than ideal. Fortunately, there is a way to log in to the things you need without waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

Since Incognito mode deletes everything associated with that particular session, none of your credentials will be saved onto that PC. This means that you can sign in to all of your accounts without worry.

2. Signing into Multiple Email Accounts

Anyone with multiple email accounts knows that it can be a hassle to manage them all. One of the most common grievances comes when you use multiple email accounts from the same provider (e.g. Gmail). If you do, you can forget about signing in to more than one account at a time. Instead, you have to sign out of one account before you are allowed to sign in to another.

Fortunately, you can stay signed in to one account while simultaneously checking another by opening an Incognito session. Just pop in the credentials of your second account, and you’ll have both email accounts up and running at the same time.

3. Sharing Your Computer

Sometimes a friend or a colleague needs to borrow your laptop or device. Instead of letting them just log in to their Facebook in a regular Chrome window, open an Incognito window. This way, when they are done doing what they need to do, you just close the window, and their information is gone. You don’t want to accidentally use someone else’s Facebook account!

4. Unbiased Searching

Google’s search algorithm will often include recommendations from your networks and other various information from your account to try to bring you the results you want. If you want to see more “pure” and unbiased search results, try searching in Incognito mode.

5. Buying Gifts

If you live with other people, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll want to buy gifts for them at one stage or another. It’s also pretty likely that you often share and swap devices. This is especially true if the folks you live with are family. Unfortunately, this creates a situation in which your gift purchases can easily be seen by the recipient.

Whether that person is intentionally searching or not, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll come across your search history. Auto-filling browser search bars and URLs means that the recipient may stumble upon your gift completely by accident. Fortunately, Incognito mode makes this nightmare scenario easy to avoid. Simply browse and shop in an Incognito session, and you won’t have to worry about leaving any hint of what little Johnny might be getting for his birthday.

6. Travel Deals

It has long been suspected that airlines and online travel agencies increase prices based on your browsers cookies. Whether this is true or not, it has been the subject of some debate. However, the theory is this: airlines and travel agents can see your browsing history based on the cookies stored by your browser. If you keep searching the same flight over and over, they jack up the price to pressure you into pulling the trigger before the price goes up further.

Ever notice how Google seems to know the moment you start planning that trip to Disney? Everywhere you go online suddenly has ads for Disney everywhere! That’s because it is tracking you and your history. A lot of people have found better travel deals just by searching in Incognito. No guarantee, but worth a shot!


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