What are cookies and cache?

What are cookies and cache?

Cookies are small pieces of data saved on your computer. They are specific to the browser you are using and specific to the user that is logged in. A website can use this data to track your activity, preferences, amount of visits to the site, and things like the items you have viewed or added to a cart. Cookies can also be used to store login information for websites you commonly use.

Cache is the spot on your hard drive where the browser saves the downloaded information. These are typically things like page graphics and scripts. Your computer saves this data so that the website will load faster the next time you access it. Both of these types of data are being downloaded and stored every time you access a new website. 

Why clear cookies and cache?

It is smart to clear your cookies, cache, and other browsing data from time to time. It is recommended you do this for all of your commonly used browsers. The following are just some of the reasons why you should reguarly clear cookies and cache data. 

  1. Websites, which you have stored data for, can sometimes become buggy and unresponive. This is especially true if the website has recently been updated.
  2. Clearing cookies and cache will also clear your login information, such as usernames and passwords, from that computer. You should always do this after using a public computer.
  3. Websites can track you and your internet usage based on this data. Your data can sometimes be sold to companies who will custom taylor ads to you.  
  4. If you browser is running slower than normal, clearing cookies and cache data can sometimes speed things up

For instructions on how to clear your browsers data, please see the "Clearing Browsing Data, History, Cookies and Cache".


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Instances of Use: When the user receives a pin page error when trying to login, Only the "N" logo, errors with Single Sign On, and other miscellaneous errors. Clearing browsing data is always a good first troubleshooting method for most issues.