WEBB 614 Quick Start Technology Operating Guide

WEBB 614 Quick Start Technology Operating Guide

System Startup

  1. Log on to the room PC or the Laptop to be used
  2. Swipe or touch the Crestron Panel to wake it up. Press to begin
  3. Press the Startup button
  4. Choose meeting type: Presentation or Web Conferencing (Zoom Mode)
  5. Start meeting

System Shutdown

  1. Press the Exit button, then press the Power button, then press Shutdown
    1. This will begin the process of ALL devices turning off and performing a complete system shutdown         
  2. Please remember to Sign Out or Shutdown the room PC/Laptop

Addition Information

  • You may use the VADDIO camera remote to change the camera position and Zoom in/out if desired by pressing CAMERA #1 and using the appropriate buttons.
  • If you have Audio or Microphone issues please press the MIC CONTROLS button on the Crestron panel to check the settings and change accordingly


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